First step – cutting added sugar

Hidden sugar in food is a big deal at the moment, but I’m not just blindly jumping on the band wagon with this one. Excess sugar can lead to weight gain, diabetes and rotting teeth (to name a few) and, despite some experts claiming otherwise, it leads my kids into one foul mood when they come down off a sugar high. So, as a first step towards our new healthier lifestyle, I set about dramatically reducing the amount of processed sugar available in our house. After a couple of weeks of binge eating (more about that later) the only sugary snack options left are those that I have baked and frozen so I know exactly what’s in them (because I have no will power at all and this way I have to really want that snack to wait for it to defrost). There is now tonnes more space in the pantry and the kids are eating more fruit when they get hungry between meals.

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