About Me

11149297_10152879324732861_2069564580081561980_nOnce upon a time there was a man. A man whose dream it was to transform his humble suburban yard into a veritable source of the finest home produce. But his evil wife would not oblige, far more content with the ease of packaged goods and pre-prepared produce, she admonished his efforts. Until one day she opened yet another packet of pre-washed spinach that had turned rotten and declared enough was enough, no more would they toss their hard earned pennies into the bin (for it seemed they threw out more than they ate) and she permitted the man a small area in the yard for a vegetable patch. Fast forward a few years and it was revealed that both the wife and one of their children were sensitive to some preservatives and additives. She cast off her evil veneer and began her education in sustainable, preservative and additive free living, joining the man in creating their very own suburban veggie patch.
This is their story…