Compost and worms

Warning, the following post contains images of composting food scraps which some readers may find disturbing 😉

My social media newsfeeds have been full of posts about compost this week. Seems it’s the hot topic of the moment so thought I’d best get posting about our composting system. With the amount of fruit and veg our family eats through each week you can imagine we produce a lot of scraps. And it would be such a waste to just toss them in the bin then go buy compost from the local nursery. So we make our own compost.

I keep a bucket under the kitchen sink where we collect our scraps and at the end of the day they either go to the worm farm or the compost.


The kitchen compost bucket


The worm farm has been going for a few years now but was never hugely successful. We found that food was going mouldy before the worms could eat it. Recently however we discovered a little trick – we now put the veg scraps through the food processor to break them down a little before giving them to the worms… and they love it! They demolish everything really quickly now and produce lots of ‘worm juice’ and castings which get diluted and used to add nutrients to the garden.


Look at those hungry worms!


What doesn’t go to the worms goes straight into the compost bins. At the moment we have two made from the old round style wheelie bins but there’s plenty of information available online about how to turn wheelie bins into compost bins. We also throw waste from the chicken coop into these bins along with a little bit of dry material from the garden. Every now and then we (and I really mean my other half) turns it over with a garden fork and this produces some really awesome compost that goes straight back into the garden, helping to grow more fruit and veg.


Recycled wheelie bin composting


The composting mix inside




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