Supermarket misery

We don’t have a lot coming out of the garden at the moment. We’re in between crops so, aside from chilies and cabbages, everything is not quite ready yet. I’m really hanging out for our broccoli to be ready (I hate the taste of store bought broccoli, so ordinary compared to home grown) and the leeks too. Snow peas are some of my favourites, I love to eat them raw straight off the plant so they tend not to make it inside for a meal <insert cheeky grin here> 😉

What has got me excited though is finding that as of next month my local council will be hosting a farmers market just one suburb away from us… every.single.weekend!!!!! You may be wondering why a family that grows most of their own produce would need a farmers market – for times just like this, when there is an inevitable break in harvestable produce from the garden (because no matter how hard you time the planting it’s really up to mother nature to dictate growth speed).

The timing of this farmers market coming to my attention couldn’t have been more perfect if their marketing department planned it. Recently our local supermarket (which was actually quite good at stocking organic foods and reasonable fruit and veg) was bought by one of the major giants. I won’t specify which one, but I’m not happy about it. I tried to give it a go, I really… kind of did BUT after my very first visit there I was done. As I entered I thought the fruit and veg section looked ok, but when I moved through the isles it became apparent to me that finding raw ingredients in this new supermarket was not going to be easy – almost everything was pre-packaged rubbish! And I’m not even that annoyed about pre-packaged meals (like soup) I mean it was actual junk food like chips and chocolate and lollies and soft drink! There was so much shelf space devoted to this stuff yet half the amount of space devoted to you know, actual ingredients! I tried to convince myself that it was just me, that I am biased… until I ran into a friend inside the store who said the same thing. At the end of the trip I realised it had taken me twice as long as it normally would because I’d spent most of my time sorting through all the rubbish to find real food.

So when I finally exited the supermarket, driving out of the car park I spotted a sign… THE SIGN… advertising a farmers market, beginning next month, just down the road. And the world was a brighter, happier place again!


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