June garden update

In case you missed it over on Instagram, here’s what the garden is looking like right now:


The shallots went nuts over the extended summer and they’re still going strong!


Parsley and oregano grow like weeds in our garden so they double as ground cover. Check out the tiny visitor I found.


We’re in the process of relocating the herb garden. Transplanting the rosemary didn’t work too well so we have a brand new plant (on the right) and the old plant on the left  will be coming out and the leaves preserved.


What’s left of our summer melon bed and the beginnings of our winter snow pea crop. Plus out late blooming watermelon!


Onions on the left and garlic on the right


Apples, plums and bananas. The plums and apples got a heavy prune this year as they’d grown so big and out of control we couldn’t net them to protect them from fruit fly


We began harvesting these cabbages to make sauerkraut


Check out out amazing bamboo! We use the stalks to create framework for netting the garden beds


Right in front are our leeks, front right is what remains of our mega basil ready to harvest seeds and at the back are the chilli plants that literally provided us with hundreds of chillies


And finally, our next crop of carrots are on their way!


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