A Sauerkraut experiment in pictures

Despite the atrocious weather this weekend (and I mean bordering on cyclonic) we ventured into the garden and picked our first cabbage… because what better to do on a rainy day than get some sauerkraut started. Why ferment a very fresh vegetable? It’s great for your gut.

We’re trying out a method I found over on Cut Out The Crap. And so, here is our afternoon of sauerkraut making in pictures:


Picking out one delicious looking cabbage


Look at that leafy goodness


Removing the outer leaves


The first cut


Lots of salty, shredded cabbage


Into the jar it goes…


…almost there…


And it’s all packed nice and tight

In a few days time we should start to see the fermenting process begin and in a few weeks time I’ll head back here to let you know how it tasted 🙂 In the mean time, I’ll keep the sauerkraut experiment updated with pics of the fermentation process via Instagram.


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