A little bit of comfort food

After a very prolonged summer here in Sydney, winter has finally arrived and with a lack of Autumn, transitioning to cold weather has hit me hard. Whenever I’m feeling cold I can’t help but go on a hunt for comfort food, that’s usually in the form of chocolate (my secret weakness). But yesterday (and today too if I’m honest) I really, really felt like noodles.I blame my sister who recently took a camp stove on a hike and cooked noodles for lunch while the rest of us sat around eating our boring sandwiches.

Back to yesterday. Having a sick child at home meant that, unless I dragged the poor kid out in the rain, I’d have to scrounge around and make my own creation. I knew I had a stack of organic soba noodles in the pantry (because they are one of my sons favourites and I bought a tonne recently when he was restricted to soft foods… that’s a whole other story) so I just had to add some flavour. Out to the garden I went, pulled a carrot and some silver beet, then cooked the lot in a pot of vegetable stock (unfortunately not organic, I’ll be hunting around for some tips for making my own soon) and cumin. The results were a delicious, simple and very speedy hot lunch.  So much so that I made it for lunch again today.


And now that I’ve had my noodle fix my inner chocoholic is wanting a chocolate fix. Lately I’ve been getting this fix in the form of a “healthy hot chocolate”. Yup, that’s right, healthy! It’s probably not going to get you any points in the weight loss competition, but it’s not full of nasties either. You can find the recipe I use here at The Healthy Chef. I’ve tweaked this recipe to suit my own tastes and once even forgot to add the honey, but it was still so very drinkable.



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