Compost and worms

Warning, the following post contains images of composting food scraps which some readers may find disturbing 😉

My social media newsfeeds have been full of posts about compost this week. Seems it’s the hot topic of the moment so thought I’d best get posting about our composting system. With the amount of fruit and veg our family eats through each week you can imagine we produce a lot of scraps. And it would be such a waste to just toss them in the bin then go buy compost from the local nursery. So we make our own compost.

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Supermarket misery

We don’t have a lot coming out of the garden at the moment. We’re in between crops so, aside from chilies and cabbages, everything is not quite ready yet. I’m really hanging out for our broccoli to be ready (I hate the taste of store bought broccoli, so ordinary compared to home grown) and the leeks too. Snow peas are some of my favourites, I love to eat them raw straight off the plant so they tend not to make it inside for a meal <insert cheeky grin here> 😉

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A little bit of comfort food

After a very prolonged summer here in Sydney, winter has finally arrived and with a lack of Autumn, transitioning to cold weather has hit me hard. Whenever I’m feeling cold I can’t help but go on a hunt for comfort food, that’s usually in the form of chocolate (my secret weakness). But yesterday (and today too if I’m honest) I really, really felt like noodles.I blame my sister who recently took a camp stove on a hike and cooked noodles for lunch while the rest of us sat around eating our boring sandwiches.

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